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  • Recycling Computer Hardware:

    Since 2005. Providing a secure service for clients throughout the UK.

  • Destroying Media, Removing Data:

    Destroying Media for Clients. Ensuring clients don't breach Data Protection laws.

  • Protecting the Environment:

    Managing Hazardous Wastes. Advising and mitigating the risks of Fugitive Emissions and cross contamination.

Our Services:

Founded in 2005, IT-Green® provides Computer and WEEE recycling, Media and Confidential Waste Destruction, Hazardous waste Management and Consultancy Services. Operating throughout the UK, we provide a complete solution that includes physical processing of(1) both hazardous(2) and non-hazardous (controlled) office and industrial equipment in-house.

  IT-Green® Van, used for transport

Recycling Computers & WEEE

IT-Green® operates under its own permit, applying the waste hierarchy (re-use & physical recycling) to everything it recycles. We accept all computer equipment, no matter its age or condition. An itemised list of many of the items we accept can be found by following this link.


Data Security

We provide a secure destruction service and every year, destroy thousands of hard disks, tapes and cd roms on behalf of clients. Operating in accordance with the UK's CPNI Guidelines we have never had a data breach and employ a rigorous chain of custody from point of collection to receipt for treatment, data removal and final disposal (Learn More).



We provide a consultancy service that covers the management of wastes, health, safety and environment and auditing of waste streams. We design and develop Environmental Management Systems, waste sorting and processing systems and provide both Civil and Environmental consulting services.

A Long Standing Relationship

Our Computer Disposal service has developed a long term relationship with many clients, some of whom are shown below. Many of our clients have retained our service for in excess of 5 years, returning to us whenever needed.

Our service includes a number of key attributes that make us stand out:

  • A Proactive solution with simple booking process and quick turnaround.
  • Provision of relevant paperwork at the point of collecting your waste.
  • Professional, Knowledgeable staff.
  • Full, itemised Data Destruction Certificate.

Our Clients Include:

IT-Green's Clients for 5 years or more

More Details

Core Competencies

Waste and Recycling:
  • Computer Disposal
  • WEEE Recycling
  • Destruction of Media
  • Recycling of Hazardous Computer Wastes
  • Shredding and granulating of Confidential Information
  • Recycling of Packaging Waste
  • IPPC, PPC and site management
  • Waste Management Health and Safety Plans
  • Site Waste Management Plans
  • Permitting, Planning & Building Regulations
  • OPRA Scoring, Civil and Criminal Sanction Guidance.
  • Waste Management Environmental Management Systems
  • Site Surveys and Plan Development

Key Attributes

  • Operator Competency Qualified
  • Continuing Competency Certified
  • Affiliated with the Chartered Institute of Waste Management
  • Affiliated with the IIRSM
  • Affiliated with the Chartered Institute of Building
  • Public, Employee and Professional Indemnity Insurances
  • CSCS Management & Professional Certified
  • A long standing Business with a Good Reputation
  • Licensed by the Environment Agency