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  • Recycling Computer Hardware:

    Collecting, recycling and re-using computers since 2005

  • Destroying Media, Removing Data:

    Destroying Obsolete Computer Media for Clients since 2005

  • Protecting the Environment:

    Managing Hazardous Wastes for Clients since 2005

Our Service:

Formed in 2005, IT-Green® provides clients with Computer Recycling, WEEE recycling, Media and Confidential Waste Destruction, Hazardous waste Management and Consultancy Services. It offers a highly skilled solution with physical processing of(1) both hazardous(2) and non-hazardous office and industrial wastes in-house.


The company operates under it's own permit, recycling all wastes in the most appropriate manner and applying the waste hierarchy (re-use & physical recycling) to everything it treats.


The company offers a consultancy service for the management of wastes, health safety and environmental management and auditing of waste streams.

A Long Standing Relationship

Our service has developed a long term relationship with many clients, some of whom are shown below. We believe that our service offers a number of key requisites that make us stand out:

  • A Proactive solution with simple booking process and quick turnaround
  • Provision of relevant paperwork at the point of collecting your waste
  • Professional, Knowledgeable staff
  • Full, itemised Data Destruction Certificate.

Our Clients Include:

IT-Green's Clients for 5 years or more

More Details

Data Security

IT-Green® offers secure Data Destruction solutions to businesses, Local Government and Educational establishments. Operating in accordance with the UK's CPNI Guidelines it maintains a zero incident rate and employs a rigorous security chain from point of collection to receipt for treatment, data removal and final disposal (Learn More). Solutions include:

  • Binary Wiping (re-use) of Hard Drives to relevant standards or Disassembly and shearing (recovery) of Hard Disks.
  • In-House granulation of optical media to 4mm
  • In-House granulation of Solid State media to 4mm
  • Shredding of Magnetic Media
destruction process