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Our Service:

Formed in 2005, IT-Green® offers a computer recycling service that includes the destruction and certification of confidential media. It offers a highly skilled solution that physically processes(1) both hazardous(2) and non-hazardous hardware in-house with zero impact upon the environment.


As a permitted facility owner, IT-Green offers a solution that includes the management of obsolete computer hardware in the most appropriate manner, applying the waste hierarchy (re-use & physical recycling) to every piece of equipment it receives.


IT-Green® accepts all hardware, no matter the age or condition. We collect redundant computer hardware throughout mainland UK from Kent, through London to the North East and North West of England. Full refurbishment & recovery is carried out at our own Waste Management facility.

A Long Standing Relationship

Our service has developed a long term relationship with many clients, some of whom are shown below. We believe that our service offers a number of key requisites that make us stand out:

  • A Proactive solution with simple booking process and quick turnaround
  • Provision of relevant paperwork at the point of collecting your waste
  • Professional, Knowledgeable staff
  • Full, itemised Data Destruction Certificate.

Our Clients Include:

IT-Green's Clients for 5 years or more

More Details

Data Security for your IT

IT-Green® offers secure Data Destruction solutions to businesses, Local Government and Educational establishments. The data destruction process operates in accordance with the UK's CPNI Guidelines, maintains a zero incident rate and employs a rigorous security chain from point of collection to receipt for treatment, data removal and final disposal (Learn More). Our solutions include:

  • Binary Wiping (re-use) of Hard Drives to relevant standards or Disassembly and shearing (recovery) of Hard Disks.
  • In-House granulation of optical media to 4mm
  • In-House granulation of Solid State media to 4mm
  • Shredding of Magnetic Media
destruction process
recycling hazardous I. T. Equipment

Licensed Service

IT-Green® offers a premium PC disposal service that addresses key environmental and social ethics, protects brand images and does not engage in export activities, instead re-using used equipment and waste materials inside the UK only. We continue to invest heavily in our services, increasing our portfolio of IT recycling services, further reducing the impact of Business activities upon the Environment. Our credentials (Available Here) include:

  • Hazardous Waste Carrier: CB/LP3312RD
  • Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF): EAWML/100628.(3)
  • Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF): WEE/QB006ZT/ATF.
  • WAMITAB: 100/2781/6
  • Employee Liability Insurance: GA262104XB
  • Public Liability Certificate: GA262104XB.
  • Data Protection Act: Z1852317.

Asset Tracking & Reporting

IT-Green consigns all computer wastes from clients in full accordance with the WEEE directive and other legislation, allowing them to Discharge their Duty of Care with our ICT disposal process. Our service provides both Hazardous and Controlled (duty of Care) waste Transfer notes at the point of collection and offers clients traceability solutions, meeting the needs of many Quality Assurance systems. An audit-able trail is available as part of the disposal process including:

  • The provision of certification
  • Reporting of volumes and outputs from our facility
  • Reporting of Hazardous Wastes treated.
  • Provision of WEEE Certificates where required
waste disposal process