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  • Wiring & Cables:

    Recovering the cores, sheaths and plug ends.

  • Mechanical Processing:

    Minimising our impact upon the environment. Avoiding the burning of wastes for minimal financial gain.

computer cables for recycling

Recycling Solutions for Computer Cables

IT-Green offers a complete recycling service for all forms of IT/ Telecoms equipment, whether your requirements are for the disposal of a bunch of cables or a lorry load of mixed Computer hardware. We're specialists in the recycling field, offering our services to businesses and can cater to meet your exact needs. We offer duty of care notices as part of our waste management process, meeting the needs of most Audit systems and ensuring your continued compliance with Environmental regulation. professional recycler

Specialist Recycling of Cables

Whether they're from Telecoms hardware, a network installation, computer mice, keyboards or European Kettle Leads, we will recover the various constituent materials. Our service segregates plug ends, the cores and sheaths, ensuring minimal waste and maximum recovery.

Professional Recovery of Copper & Wire

Preventing waste

IT-Green® is a full licensed recycler, with:

  • Waste Carrier License
  • Waste Management License (Permitted Treatment facility: ATF)
  • Ability to issue evidence (WEEE Certificate- AATF).

Our Professional service is backed by industry recognised memberships:

  • Employees Qualified to Chartered Institute of Waste Management standards
  • Employees holding membership with the Chartered Institute of Waste Management

An ethical Service:

ethical recycling service

Our professional recycling service incorporates:

  • A pre-arranged booking service
  • Invoicing prior to collection
  • Minimal disruption to your workflow.

Our service aims to remove the risks associated with incorrect disposal procedures, including those associated with waste export, landfill and improper treatment

Trace-able Solutions

waste transfer notes

Quality assurance systems such as ISO, BS and EN require accountability. IT-Green® offers a traceable solution for your waste IT. With an audited waste management stream, full certification and consigning of wastes at the point of transfer, our service allows for full compliance with any recognised Auditing system.