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Here are copies of Our Waste Management Licenses for your perusal:

WEEE Certificate
WEEE Certificate:

Once we've completed the contract, we issue a WEEE Certificate, detailing what we did with your waste. Our WEEE Certificate. The certificate documents:

  • The weight of Ferrous Metals Recovered
  • The weight of Non Ferrous Metals Recovered (Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Tin and Precious Metals
  • The Weight of Glass recovered
  • The weight of Plastics recovered

In addition, the certificate includes the number of units recovered and the number of units put back into use.

Our Waste Carrier Licence
Waste Carrier

We hold an Upper Tier Waste Carrier Licence, which allows us to carry both Controlled and Hazardous Wastes. Our Waste Carrier LicenceA Waste Carrier License is required in the UK if a person or legal entity wishes to transport waste on behalf of a third party or to a place other than an HWRC.

  • A lower Tier Waste Carrier licence is needed to carry your own waste to a third party site for treatment, unless that site is an HWRC (Household waste recycling center)
  • An Upper Tier waste carrier licence is required where you carry someone elses waste for recycling or treatment
Waste Management Licence
waste management licence

We hold a full waste management licence, also known as a Permit. Our Standard rules Permit allows us to accept and recycle all waste electrical and electronic equipment, as well as it's associated packaging and batteries. Our Permit


A standard rules permit, issued by the Environment Agency (England & Wales) is issued on the premise that the site holds:

  • Planning Approval permitting the waste activitiy at that particular site
  • The the site is not located in close proximity to a fresh water course or SSSI (Site of special scientific interest).
  • That the operator of the site holds suitable competency to operate that facility (usually by qualification)

A permit for a waste management operation does not expire and may only be revoked or surrendered. Upon surrender of the permit, the operator must show that steps have been taken to return the site to a state where no emissions or environmental contaminants are present.


During the course of operation, the operator is requried to maintain the site to a level that prevents fugitive emissions (noise, odour, dust, debris)


We operate an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility, which allows us to issue evidence to Producer compliance schemes. WEEE AATF Licence


A WEEE AATF licence is a seperately required authorisation that allows us to work with Producer Compliance schemes. These schemes service Distributors and manufacturers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, allowing for the take-back of post consumer equipment.


An AATF is allowed to remove waste electrical and electronic equipment from a DCF (Designated Collection Facility). These faciities are typically located in Household Waste Recycling centers (HWRC), although some retail outlets allow for in-store takeback as they operate DCFs on their premises.

Duty of Care
Controlled Waste Transfer Note

We issue all clients with Controlled waste transfer notes, covering all waste we collect. The only time we won't issue one is when your waste is made up of Hazardous items.


The Duty of Care (Controlled Waste) regulations require all controlled wastes to be transfered to a Waste Carrier using a controlled waste transfer Note- A brief outline of this legislation is located here.


Our Permit conditions (rules) require us to send the environment agency details of all waste movements and the controlled waste transfer notes are used to compile this information. You, the previous holder of the waste, are required to keep a copy of the Controlled Waste Transfer note for a period of 2 years.

Hazardous Waste Transfer Notes

We issue Hazardous Waste Consignment notes and Part E Consignee returns, in full compliance with Hazardous Waste Regulations. Hazardous Waste Consignment Note


The Hazardous Waste Consignment note offers significantly more information than the Controlled waste transfer note, reflecting the types of waste that it is used to "consign". It is derived from the need to comply with the Hazardous Waste regulations and provides a detailed breakdown of the hazardous wastes, their constituent components and the risks posed by them. Much of the Computer Equipment in use contains hazardous materials and needs to be consigned from the holder to the nominated Waste Carrier.


Once Consigned from the holders posession into our posession, we notify the Environment Agency of the consignment as part of our standard permit rules. The previous holder of the waste must retain the Consignment Note for a further 3 years.

Hazardous Waste Producers Licence
Hazardous Waste Producers Licence

We hold a Hazardous Waste Producers Licence. It allows us to legally transfer the hazardous wastes we accumulate into the posession of a party able to depollute it. Hazardous Waste Producers Licence


Once we're recycled a consignment of waste electronics, the residual hazardous components are far more concentrated and need to be professionally treated- after all, they're a pretty dangerous cocktail of nasty chemicals that we don't want escaping into the wider environment. Our Hazardous waste producers licence allows us to demostrate that we've complied with our permit by providing a nationally trace-able route from our facility to final treatment.