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Computer Monitor Recycling

crt and tft monitors for recycling

Due to their constituent components , Computer Monitors, whether CRT or TFT, working or faulty, are classed as hazardous waste when sent for recycling (see: what computer waste is hazardous?). The Basel Convention (UNEP 1989)(1), a treaty prohibiting the trans-boundary movement of hazardous or faulty electronic hardware extends to cover all end of life computer screens, whatever their condition. The UK is a signatory to this agreement.


UK hazardous waste regulations (Hazardous waste regulations 2005)(2) prohibit the landfill of computer monitors and the WEEE regulations (SI 2006 No.3289)(3) require that they are recycled by specialists licensed to the Waste Framework Directive (The Waste Regulations 2011)(4) which require the instigation of waste hierarchy (3R's) in their treatment.


IT-Green® ;'s ethical stance towards the export of hazardous waste offers a safe, legally compliant and cost effective Computer Monitor recycling service.

crt and tft screens contain hazardous waste

Hazardous Electronic Waste Disposal

IT-Green® offers a specialist service for computer monitors including their full reprocessing. It includes:


CRT Monitor Recycling:

  • The separation of components inside CRT and TFT monitors and Televisions to BATRRT (Best Available Treatment Recovery and Recycling Techniques)(5).
  • The removal of Cathode Ray tubes, their granulation and use of the leaded glass as a feedstock in blast furnace works.

Flat Screen Monitor Disposal:

  • The separation of mercury filled back lights from TFT monitors, their granulation and dry treatment for removal of mercury powders.
  • The recovery of constituent materials including ferrous metals, aluminium, plastics and copper. Treatment of PCB bearing capacitors.

A Professional Solution

load I. T. Equipment into van

IT-Green issues Hazardous Waste Consignment notices for all CRT and TFT screens it recycles. These are submitted to the Environment Agency as part of a quarterly reporting service all treatment facilities are required to carry out.


Our collection staff will issue you with a copy of this notice, along with a EWC (European Waste Catalogue, also known as "The list of Wastes")(6) coding note at the time of collection. You may be required to register as a hazardous waste producer with the Environment Agency, so as to ensure complete compliance, but we will advise you with regard to this at the time of booking our service.


A Compliant Professional Service:

professional waste management qualifications

IT-Green® offers a service that encompasses:

  • Employees trained in waste management (WAMITAB Vocational Qualifications)(7).
  • A licensed in-house Upper tier Waste Carrier service.
  • Treatment facilities (Licensed Waste Management), authorised (ATF) to manage hazardous electronic wastes (WEEE)- reference here.

Our professional recycling service incorporates:

  • A pre-arranged booking service.
  • Invoicing prior to collection.
  • Professional in-house employees to remove your redundant screens.
  • Minimal disruption to your workflow.
Asset Tracking Solutions
Tracking computer asset labels

IT-Green® offers an asset tracking service as part of it's decommissioning process. With a view to helping clients comply with numerous QA systems, our service offers trace ability for all computer hardware recycled:

  • Provision of Certification at the end of the recycling process, outlining quantities recycled and weights of materials recovered.
  • Full tracking of assets, where requested by clients, including make, model and serial number of assets recycled.