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Secure PC Disposal

IT-Green® offers leading Computer Recycling services for Corporate, Educational and Government bodies throughout the United Kingdom. Our highly secure nationwide Service guarantees:

  • The removal of all corporate identification marks.
  • Compliance with stringent environmental legislation.
  • Minimal Disruption to your business
  • Trained, uniformed personnel.
  • Destruction of all Media.

Our Professional Services are licensed by the Environment Agency. IT-Green is licensed for the transportation of WEEE. Our secure premises are licensed for the storage, processing and treatment (Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) & Approved Authorised treatment facility(AATF)) of IT hardware. Our service can issue evidence (WEEE certificates) where necessary.

Asset Tracking

asset label on each computer

Tracking your redundant assets, removing confidential data and outsourcing an ethical recycling route can be time consuming and costly. We offer an end to end service, reducing your overheads and the burden placed upon your I.T staff. Our service ensures:

  • Resource extraction from obsolete or faulty Computers.
  • Re-use of Components deemed to have residual life.
  • Bespoke data wiping* and mechanical shredding solutions to meet the most stringent requirements.
  • Tracking* of redundant computers throughout the recycling process.
  • Non export of your discarded hardware.

As part of the PC disposal process, we offer full traceability for your redundant assets including a full inventory with recycling method where required.

weee recycling is a legal requirement

A Legal Obligation

As part of our service, we are legally obliged to produce a transfer notice, documenting the number and weights of PC base units, laptops and other IT equipment transferred into our possession, all in accordance with the Enviromental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations(1).


Our collection staff will issue you with a copy of this notice, along with a EWC (European Waste Catalogue)(2) coding note at the time of collection.


Our collection staff will be happy to advise you with regard to discharging your legal obligations when a collection is carried out. For more information, or to request a quotation, please contact us using the number shown at the top of this page.


bin of computers for disposal

Ethical Computer Recycling

IT-GreenĀ® offers an ethical solution to the recycling of old, faulty and end of life computer baseunits. Our services are designed to recuperate the materials that would otherwise be lost during the disposal process. As part of the PC recycling process, we recover. Note:

  • Ferrous Metals from Computer Carcasses, cd rom drives & floppy drives
  • Aluminium from Heat sinks, Hard disk drives and computer cases
  • Copper from heat sinks, motherboards, daughter cards & wires
  • Copper from Cables
  • Plastics from Cases
  • Precious Metals from CPUs, fingers and memory

IT-Green® re-distributes a percentage of viable equipment through it's parent Company, as low cost solutions all inside the UK. Established channels allow for ethical redistribution, without the concerns associated with export.


hard drive destroyed
Securely Destroying Data:

We offer a service for the destruction of all forms of media storage devices, with particular emphasis upon Hard Disk Drives:

  • Full Binary Wiping solutions to Internationally recognised Government Standards (UK CESG, US DOD, Canadian Ops, NAID)
  • Manual disassembly & Shredding of Hard Disk drive Storage platters
  • Full certification of the destruction process including make, model and serial number of the hard drive and any associated asset numbers you may have provided