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  • Computer Disposal for Coventry Businesses:

    Serving businesses in Coventry since 2005. Collecting your waste IT and roving a full recycling solution

  • Destruction of Data:

    Complete destruction of all media. Full itemised certification of the entire process and documentation of all media destroyed..

Recycling of Computers in Coventry

Coventry, West Midlands

Our service, which has been operating for a Decade, collects and recycles old computer equipment in Coventry, physically recycling it and destroying data on every media storage device. We offer:

We provide our clients with extensive reporting, which includes:

  • Controlled waste transfer notes.
  • Hazardous waste consignment notes.
  • Itemised Certification for every media device destroyed.
  • Hazardous waste consignee returns.

ethical, environmentally friendly recycling

A Professional Solution

We recognise the importance of providing a professional service and provide our customers with:

  • An easy booking service.
  • A service that collects your waste equipment on the date agreed.
  • Uniformed, trained personnel
  • A service that collects all computer and electronic equipment, irrespective of age or condition.

Once the retirement process has been completed, we provide you with certification, outlining the resources recovered from your waste. We also provide:

  • Reports of Quarterly outputs from our treatment facility.
  • Reporting of hazardous waste outputs.
  • Reporting quantities of Hazardous wastes we removed from your premises.