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  • Computer Disposal:

    Managing the Secure Disposal of Computer Equipment.

  • Destroying Data:

    Irrecoverably destroying media to make the recovery of data impossible.

Recycling of Computers in Derby. Waste I. T. Disposal.

Derby, Derbyshire, UK

The Landfill regulations and WEEE Directive state that Businesses and household users are no longer permitted to dispose of IT equipment through the general waste stream. However, the protection of data contained on Computer hardware adds additional complications to the use of third parties in the management of IT waste.

IT-Green offers a professional recycling route for Derby businesses that treats redundant Computer hardware in line with current UK legislation. The service has attracted return customers in Derby and is retained by known brand clients throughout the UK. Our service is backed by skilled personnel including

  • Microsoft Certified Engineers (MCSE)
  • Waste Management (WAMITAB) Personnel (NVQ Levels 2 & 4)
  • CRB checked collection operatives

Data Destruction for Computer Media

shredded MP3 players

Our solutions include the management of data security and disk overwrite services including:

  • Binary wiping of hard drives to various standards (UK CESG, US DOD, Canadian OPs)
  • Manual dis-assembly and shearing of hard drives and platters
  • Granulating of optical media and solid state media to 5mm
  • Shredding of Magnetic tape based media

As part of the destruction process, we offer a full breakdown of any media destroyed and the methods used in the destruction process

green, ethical service

Professional, Ethical Solutions

The use of a professional, specialist service in the recycling of obsolete computer equipment is a pre-requisite to preventing Business related information entering the public domain. IT-Green offers a direct solution to this issue. Backed by professionally qualified staff, a rigorous data destruction process and waste management system, we offer our Derby clients a disposal service that includes :

  • Cost efficient service with quick booking and invoicing in advance
  • Uniformed, skilled collection staff
  • Data Security and Traceability

Fully Licensed Waste Management Service

correctly licensed recycling for the planet

IT-Green® offers a fully licensed service covering the entire retirement process. We ensure that all relevant legislation is adhered to:

  • Vehicles licensed for the transportation of Computer waste
  • Premises licensed for the recycling of I.T related waste
  • Public liability and Professional indemnity insurances
  • Approved Authorised Treatment facility (AATF), allowing us to issue "WEEE certificates" where necessary.
  • Licensing from the Information Commissioners Office for the data security aspect
  • Incorporation of CDG (Carriage of Dangerous Goods) for transporting concentrated hazardous outputs from our facility.

Tracking Your Waste Computers through our System:
Barcode scanning to track waste computers

Our service tracks your waste throughout the recycling stream. From the collection of your waste in Derby, to it's destruction at our facility, we offer a single point of contact, allowing you to find out exactly what's happened to your equipment.

Once the retirement process has been completed, we provide you with certification, outlining the resources recovered from your waste. We also provide:

  • Reports of Quarterly outputs from our treatment facility
  • Reporting of hazardous waste outputs
  • Reporting quantities of Hazardous wastes we removed from your premises