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    Irrecoverably destroying media to make the recovery of data impossible.

Exeter Computer Disposal, Recycling of I. T. Hardware

Exeter, Devon, UK

The advent of the WEEE directive, coupled with Landfill legislation and increasing media coverage of Recycling targets within the UK has placed a significant burden upon businesses. Limited solutions for the safe, ethical disposal of used IT equipment exist. From the collection of your computers in Exeter to final disposal of your obsolete equipment at our facility, IT-Green® offers a single point of contact without the need to involve third party contractors. Our service includes:

  • A hazardous waste carrier service for the transporting of I. T.
  • A Waste management site, for the treatment of WEEE.
  • Approved Authorised Treatment facility, for the issuing of WEEE certificates
  • CRB checked personnel, for added security during the collection process

Destroying Data Bearing Media

The need to ensure data security has lead to many IT managers carrying out data destruction at significant cost in-house prior to disposing of redundant IT. Our services incorporate a full suite of data destruction techniques, all designed to remove the risks associated with the disposal of obsolete Computers. We provide:

  • Full binary wiping of Computer hard drives to UK CESG and US DOD standards
  • Manual dis-assembly combined with mechanical shearing of Hard Drives
  • Granulating of CDs, DVDs and solid state media to 5mm
  • Shredding of Tapes and other magnetic media
  • Full certification of the data destruction process at the end of the works
professional service

A Professional Recycling Service

IT-Green® is a professional, licensed service provider and provides an ethical, cost efficient solution to the problem of Computer Disposal. We have developed a highly professional recycling service that includes full waste management licensing and personnel with suitable qualifications. From collection of your waste in Exeter, to it's treatment, we offer:

  • Personnel Qualified in Waste Management (WAMITAB, CIWM)
  • Personnel Qualified in IT (MCSE)
  • Skilled, uniformed personnel for the collection of your Computers
  • Compliance with the carriage of dangerous goods (CDG)
  • A quick, painless and cost efficient recycling service

Fully Licensed Solutions

IT-Green offers a premium IT recycling service for Exeter that includes full waste management licensing. We continue to invest heavily in our business, continually improving the value of our services. Our credentials include:

  • Hazardous Waste Carrier:CB/LP3312RD
  • Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF): EAWML/100628.
  • Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF): WEE/QB006ZT/ATF.
  • WAMITAB: 100/2781/6
  • Employee Liability Insurance: GA262104XB
  • Public Liability Certificate: GA262104XB.
  • Data Protection Act: Z1852317.
reading a computer's barcode
Asset Tracking & Reporting

We consign all computer wastes from our clients in full accordance with the WEEE directive and other environmental legislation, allowing them to Discharge their Duty of Care correctly. Our service provides hazardous waste consignment notices, duty of care (Waste Transfer) notes and offers clients trace ability, meeting the needs of many Quality Assurance systems. An audit-able trail is available as part of the disposal process, which includes:

  • The provision of certification
  • Reporting of volumes and outputs from our facility
  • Reporting of Hazardous Waste Streams
  • Provision of WEEE Certificates where required