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  • Destroying Media, Removing Data:

    Destroying Obsolete Computer Media for Clients since 2005

  • Full Certification:

    Certifying the destruction of all data.

serial ata hard drive binary wiped

Hard Disk Drive Binary Wiping

IT-Green® offers a Binary wiping (Clearing/ Purging) solution for Hard Disk Drives to HMG IS5 (Baseline & Enhanced) that operates in accordance with the UK's CPNI guidelines, employing "Commercial Best Practice". Upon collectionf, equipment is transported direct to our secure facility, where drives are immediately removed, tagged, boxed and passed onto the data destruction facility for batch processing within 24 hours. We offer a number of data wiping solutions for Hard Disk Drives including:

  • UK CESG HMG IS5 enhanced (3 pass) binary wipe
  • US DOD 7 pass binary wipe
  • Canadian Ops 8 pass binary wipe

Our service eradicates data on any form of Hard Disk Drive including SCSI, IDE, SATA, SAS, SCA and U320. The process includes full certification at the end of wiping. All equipment failing the Binary Wiping process is automatically subjected to Physical Destruction.

Hard Disk Drive Physical destruction

Hard Drive Destroyed

Our permitted facility holds a full waste management license, authorising us to shred, shear and granulate confidential electronic media in-house. Our service is geared toward protecting your obsolete media during this process and incorporates:

  • A highly secure facility with: Ram proof & security grilled doors, tamper proof windows, motion sensing alarms and video surveillance.
  • An administrative system offering a full audit trail.
  • Transportation, delivery, segregation and processing of Data bearing media within 24 hours of collection from clients.

A data destruction service, operating to BS EN 15713 (2009) for category D materials. It's process incorporates:

  • Removal & refining of circuit boards
  • Manual dis-assembly of the chassis
  • Removal and shredding of the internal storage platter to Shred No 2.

The service includes a full itemised certificate covering the make, model, serial number and method of destruction.

granulating cds and dvds

Optical Disk Granulation

We offer a physical processing (Disintegration of Confidential Media) service for any optical media that meets the requirements of BS EN 15713 (2009) for category E material. The granulation service consists of:

  • In-House Rotary shaft feed granulation to 4mm (Shred No. 6)
  • General Certification of media destroyed
  • Recovery of plastics and metals
  • Auditable trail from the point of collection (transfer) to receipt at our facility and ultimate destruction.

Solid State Media Destruction

IT-Green® provides a granulation service to (BS EN 15713 (2009) Cat D) for solid state media such as:

  • USB memory sticks
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Solid state Hard Drives
  • Mobile Phones (See Video Opposite)

Chips are "Disintegrated" to 4mm, with silicon wafers being irrecoverably destroyed. Full certification, covering the make, model, serial number and method of destruction is available at the end of the destruction process.

Magnetic Media Destruction
shredding backup tapes

IT-Green® offers a service for the destruction of all forms of magnetic media including:

  • DDS, DLT & Ultrium Tape Backup units
  • Floppy Disks
  • Video Tapes
  • Audio/ DAT tapes

The service includes the mechanical shredding and further chipping of magnetic media, ensuring the full, irrecoverable destruction of all data. Full, itemised certification is available at the end of the destruction process.