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  • Streamlined Data Destruction:

    Removing the Risk of Your Media ending up in the wrong hands.

  • Secure Destruction:

    Physically destroying computer media to relevant standards.

  • Itemised Certification:

    Giving you a record. Making the process transparent.

Computer Media Destruction

Receipt at Waste Management Facility.
See also: how we recycle I.T. hardware


Receiving Your Waste


  • Hard Disks are removed from their respective devices
  • Solid state media, Tapes and optical disks (CD and DVD media) are all gathered up.
  • Media is counted in and checked against consignment list/ original order.
All Data Bearing Devices are then batched up with a job sheet and passed onto the Data Destruction Department


Segregating Data Bearing Media


  • All media is moved to Data Destruction Facility.
  • This area has extra security, preventing unauthorised access.

We've installed motion sensing cameras, off-site video recording, steel grilled access doors and alarm systems to protect data bearing media while it's being destroyed.

Binary Wiping of Hard Disks (SATA/ SCA/ SAS/ IDE) to relevant standards


Binary Wiping of Hard Disks

  • We Binary wipe Hard Disks unless you specify otherwise.
  • Customers who don't want Hard Disks re-used can ask us to physically destroy them.
  • We don't binary wipe any other media, shredding it instead (see final destruction)
  • Any disks that fail this process are automatically destroyed (see final destruction below).
Certification of Wiped Hard Disks


Certifying the Binary Wiping Process

  • We certify the destruction of data as the Hard Disks are being Binary Wiped.
  • We'll record the Make, Model and Serial number of each hard disk on a spreadsheet for you.
Printed Circuit boards removed for refining and hard disk chassis shredded.
Granulation of Optical Media and Solid State Devices
Tapes cut in half and tape media granulated


Media is certified whilst it is being destroyed. We'll add the make, model and serial number of media onto a spreadsheet as we destroy it.
Final Destruction


Final Destruction of all remaining media is carried out.






British government guidelines, set out in the document HMG CESG IS5 covers both baseline and Enhanced overwriting of data. At 'baseline' level the software overwrites every sector of the disk with one pass of randomly generated data. At 'enhanced' level every sector is over-written three times: first with a 1, then every sector is over-written again with a 0, and then every sector is over-written a third time with randomly generated 1s and 0s.