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  • Computer Disposal for Consumers:

    No HWRC or recycling centre near you? You can send us your old computers or deliver them to our recycling centre.

  • Destroying Your own Data?

    Software such as dban will completely remove data from your hard disk, making it safe to send for recycling.

Household / Consumer Computer Recycling

We provide a number of solutions for Household consumers who require disposal of their used equipment:


Our post to service provides a means of disposing of your old computer in an environmentally friendly manner. The cost of posting your old base unit or laptop to us is approximately £14.00 (GBP). You can also remove the hard drive and send us that for data destruction (recorded postage is approximately £6.00 GBP) . As this is not within the remit of the WEEE directive, we would charge £3.50 for wiping and disposal of the hard drive ethically.


Destroy your own computer data- please see the links below, which give you a step-by-step instruction (which you may need to print out)


Deliver your computer to us by hand. We have 2 delivery depots available in the UK, which accept your used computers. There are some restrictions, so please click on the link below.


Have us collect your computer equipment (charges do apply to this service)


Posting your used Computers to us:

Pack your computer in a box
Add our address to the package
Take your package to the Post office (sending a computer by Standard Parcels costs £14.00)


Other options for larger quantities include:


( Palletline, which costs: £60.00 GBP per pallet outside London and £80.00 inside London.
Fed Ex, UPS, Parcel2Go. We suggest that ( Parcel2Go is the cheapest solution for larger parcels, costing approximately £10.00 GBP to ship a parcel to us.


Posting your Hard drive to us:


If you want to send us just your hard drive for Data Destruction, please send it recorded delivery via Royal Mail, enclosing your details (an email is preferable) so that we can send you a data destruction certificate upon completion.


Our Address:


Unit 5, Lakeside Business Units
Block Fen


Drop off Your Computers for Recycling

Drop off your computers at our depot Our Waste Management Facility is located at:


Unit 5, Lakeside Business Park, Block, Fen, Mepal, Cambridge. CB6 2AY


The facility is manned between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, but please call us on 08703 000905 to ensure receiving personnel are available to take collection.


Charges are as follows:


Destruction of All data bearing media and acceptance of Hazardous Wastes is completely free of charge when it is delivered to our facility.


Destroying your own Data:

(You may want to print this page for reference)


If you wish to dispose of old hardware at a local Council recycling centre, we strongly suggest (we can't emphasize this enough) that you destroy the data on your hard drive. Dragging your files, folders and everything else to the waste basket DOES NOT DELETE IT.


An understanding of where a recycled computer can potentially end up and how easy it is to un-erase data really does drive home the IMPORTANCE OF DATA DESTRUCTION.


Household users have 2 options for destruction of their personal data but before you begin, please ensure you have at least 3 blank burnable cds or dvds. If your computer cannot burn cd's or dvds, please skip this section and go to section 2.0.


1. Data Destruction via Software


1a. Insert a blank CD or DVD into your computer and copy ALL files that you want to save onto that media. Please ensure that you have backed up everything you want using this method. It may be wise to make 2 cds or dvd (i.e. 2 copies) of everything.


1b. You will require erasing software to completely eradicate your personal data. There is, in our opinion, only one software solution available. The reason for this is that it will create a bootable cd, which when created, will be read only, boots from a LINUX kernel and does not care what operating system you were running. Click the link to download Dariks Boot and Nuke software.


dban-1.0.7_i386.iso: This version is older but far more stable. it must be burned to CD rom to function.
dban-2.2.8_i586.iso: Although still freeware (no cost to use), dban is now assoicated with Blannco and this version contains bugs that prevents it from working with USB KVMs. It also crashes with some hardware and should be used with caution.


This software is free and is for non-commercial use only.


1b. Create a CD or DVD from the ISO image you have just downloaded.


1c. Boot your computer from the CD or DVD. This will then bring up a window as follows:




1d. At the prompt, type DOD and hit return. Your computer will now be binary wiped using a 7 pass system which meets the US Department of defence standard (5022.2M-ECE).


That's it for data wiping. If on the other hand you want to completely destroy the hard drive, we suggest the following:


2. Hardware Destruction.


You will require at minimum a philips screwdriver for this option. If you have not or are unable to back your data onto a CD or dvd, simply put your hard drive in your new computer, on the cable that usually connects to your CD rom drive. Boot your computer and copy files from the old drive onto your new one. If this is not possible, you may want to keep your hard drive for future use.


2a. Unscrew the casing to your computer and remove the side panel (opposite side to your connectors on a tower or the top part of the case on a desktop)

2b. Locate and remove your hard drive from your computer

2c. Once the hard drive is removed from your computer, you have three options:


Remove all the screws from the case, take out the platters (these look like records or cds) and slide them on a concrete surface to scratch them.


Drop the drive onto a very hard surface a number of times- this will not destroy the data, but will make the hard drive useless to third parties (they need to repair the drive before they can access your data- which is a little harder than just un-erasing files!)


Send the hard drive to us for data destruction.