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  • Computer Disposal:

    Managing the Secure Disposal of Computer Equipment.

  • Destroying Data:

    Irrecoverably destroying media to make the recovery of data impossible.

Computer Recycling for Kent. Disposal of Waste I. T.

kent, South East UK

IT-Green® provides an experienced computer recycling service for the county of Kent that addresses key social and ethical issues faced by Business including:

  • Export of Waste computers, their data and hazardous components.
  • Protection of Intellectual (proprietary) information and any data.
  • Correct, audited recycling of computer hardware, it's byproducts and facility outputs.

Media exposure and stricter government control of Business waste means that the disposal of redundant computer hardware has become a hindrance to many IT managers. IT-Green® offers a solution to your Computer hardware disposal problem by providing a Professional service encompassing the following:

  • WAMITAB/ CIWM qualified waste management personnel
  • CRB checked Collection Staff for added security
  • MCSE qualified Personnel (Microsoft Technician)
secure computer data

Data Security for your IT

Our service provides a highly secure data destruction solution designed around a collection, treatment and reporting procedure developed in conjunction with BS 15713 (2009). The Service maintains a zero incident rate and includes:

  • Binary wiping of Hard Drives to UK CESG standards in accordance with the UK's CPNI guidelines and US's NIST SP900-88.
  • Manually dismantling hard drives and shredding the platters to BS EN 15713 (2009)
  • Granulating of Optical media including cds, DVDs and solid state media (USB memory sticks) to 4mm
  • The shredding of tapes including DLT and DDS.

The service includes full certification at the end of the destruction process, detailing all media received and the methods employed in it's destruction.

A Professional, Ethical Recycling Service

professional service

IT-Green® offers a specialist service for the disposal of any IT equipment. The service allows for the handling of hazardous computer waste, including CRT monitors and TFT screens, laptops and Uninterruptible power supplies. Collection, transportation and treatment are carried out by personnel trained in requisite professions. We are able to provide you with asset disposal/ recycling services which enable compliance with relevant regulations and assistance with your Corporate Social Responsibility by ensuring:

  • Resource recovery from waste I.T (Compliance with BATRRT, the WEEE Directive 2006)
  • No Landfill. Compliance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations (2005)
  • Zero waste from our facility
  • Non Export of WEEE (Electronic waste). Compliance with the Basel Convention.
  • A process of re-use for viable hardware within the UK (Compliance with waste hierarchy as set out in the Waste Framework Directive)

Licensed, Qualified Service

We offer a waste management service for obsolete I.T equipment with full licensing for the complete treatment of your computers including shredding, shearing and granulating. Our service includes:

  • A fleet of vehicles, licensed to transport hazardous wastes
  • Waste Management facility, licensed for the treatment and processing of Computer equipment
  • Relevant Professional indemnity, Public Liability and Employee Liability insurances.
  • Personnel holding relevant WAMITAB NVQ qualifications (levels 2 and 4- Operator Competency)

recycling qualifications
check in waste I. T.
Asset Tracking & Reporting

IT-Green® ;'s computer disposal service operates with ethical values at the core of it's business operations, maintaining a stance against landfill and export so that Kent businesses meet with:

  • The WEEE directive (2002/96/EC &2007 (SI 3454))
  • BS/EN/ISO registration requirements
  • Investor/ PR needs/ reporting
  • Requirements of the Data Protection act (2000)

We re-deploy raw materials, extracted from your obsolete IT through UK remanufacturing plants and have developed a system that allows for best recovery practices for consumables that benefits the UK economy. Our service regularly compiles and issues reports, documenting outputs. We provide clients with Asset reports, detailing the volumes of raw materials produced from their wastes.