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  • Managing Your Waste:

    Complying with UK regulation.
    Operating our own waste management facility.

  • Collecting Your Waste Equipment:

    We'll issue a Controlled waste transfer note and Hazardous Waste Consignment note when we collect from you.

WEEE Waste Management Laws:

The Disposal of WEEE is governed by UK regulation. Only recycling centres with the correct waste management license (Permit) can accept WEEE.

Some WEEE Equipment will Contain. hazardous components.

An item or posession becomes waste when the owner (holder) discards or intends to discard it.


The Waste regulations require the holder of the waste to demonstrate that the waste Heirarchy has been applied to it and that it is no longer fit for purpose or cannot be re-purposed.

The Duty of Care forms the basis of UK waste management. The holder of the waste has a duty of care to ensure all waste is correctly disposed of.

In discharging your Duty of Care, you must make sure the "person taking away your waste is authorised to do so".. The Duty of Care (Environmental Protection Act 1991) remains with you until it has been either re-purposed or correctly disposed of.

Record Keeping:

All wastes must be transferred using either Transfer notes (example here) or a hazardous waste consignment note (example here).

Both the Controlled Waste "Transfer Note" and the Hazardous waste "Consignment note" must contain relevant and correct details and must all be counter-signed and a time stamp and the date included.