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  • Covering London:

    Inside the M25, from Canary Wharf to Hackney, Camden, Southwark and The City.

  • Destroying Data:

    Irrecoverably destroying media to make the recovery of data impossible.

Map of Central London

Computer Recycling for London

IT-Green® offers a computer recycling service for businesses based in London. Established in 2005, our service incorporates a wealth of experience in Waste management. We ensure compliance with Environmental legislation and offer a single route to disposal, from point of collection to treatment and final reporting. In addition to the WEEE regulations(1), our service ensures mandatory compliance with:

  • The controlled waste (Duty of care) regulations (2012)
  • Landfill legislation (2002 Landfill Directive)
  • The Hazardous Waste Regulations (SI 2005 No. 894)

Businesses usually consider further quality assurance factors when disposing of I.T, fixed assets & data bearing media and for this reason, we offer:

  • CRB checked Collection Staff for added security
  • WAMITAB(2)/ CIWM(3) qualified waste management personnel
  • MCSE qualified Personnel (Microsoft Technician)
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Data Security for your IT

IT-Green® offers a secure disposal route for computer hardware that incorporates the destruction of associated media at no additional cost. Our many years of operation have allowed us to develop solutions covering every type of storage device. Remaining security conscious, we comply with BS EN 15713 (2009)(6). Designed to maintain the confidentiality of data from the point of collection to final destruction and certification, our service maintains a "zero incident rate" and offers:

  • Binary (clearing/ Purging) wiping of Hard Drives to UK CPNI(4) guidelines, utilising US (DOD), UK (CESG) & Canadian OPs solutions.
  • Shredding of Hard Drives to BS EN 15713 (2009).
  • Disintegration (to 4mm) of Optical media (CD & DVD) and solid state media (USB memory sticks).
  • Shredding of magnetic tapes including DLT and DDS.
  • Shredding of Solid State (MSATA, M.2 and SSD) Drives.

Our reporting procedures provide our clients with an itemised report of the make, model and serial number of each storage device destroyed..

A Professional, Ethical Recycling Service

Our end-to-end recycling solution simplifies the disposal of redundant IT. "The waste hierarchy" is built into the waste management process and we recycle obsolete equipment in accordance with BATRRT(5). IT-Green® avoids the export of electronic waste (Basel Convention) in favour of more ethical solutions, offering clients peace of mind by providing a professional solution incorporating:

  • Resource recovery from waste I.T, auditing of Outputs to maximise environmental return.
  • No Landfill.
  • A process of re-use for viable hardware within the UK.
Image of professional qualifications, issued by WAMIRAB and CIWM

Our service issues Controlled and Hazardous waste notes at the point of collecting your computer equipment. Our treatment facility, consignment notices and treatment processes are audited by the Environment Agency in accordance with our waste management license.

Areas we Cover:

We cover the whole of London including:

  • Monument
  • Camden Town
  • Barbican
  • Paddington
  • Victoria
  • The West End
  • City of London
  • Westminster
  • Hackney
  • Kentish Town
  • Aldgate
  • Waterloo
  • Southwark
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Corporate Social Responsibility

London's waste management system serves some 5 million households and 800,000 businesses. All this waste needs to be treated and it's important that, as a producer of it, businesses meet their obligations. The Landfill Directive (2007) places emphasis upon pre-treatment as a means to reducing wastes sent to landfill and as such introduced statute requiring the application of the waste hierarchy through segregation and the use of re-processing facilities.


IT-Green® offers a system for the recycling of computers that not only meets the WEEE Directive (seperate collection & recycling) but also complies with the Landfill directive.


Our Waste transfer notes and Hazardous Waste Consignment notes offer evidence of segregation of WEEE from your waste stream at source and demonstrates that you have met your obligations under the WEEE directive. Our reprocessing further enhances your evidence of compliance with the waste hierarchy by actively re-using materials recovered during the course of our activities.