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  • Computer Disposal:

    Managing the Secure Disposal of Computer Equipment.

  • Destroying Data:

    Irrecoverably destroying media to make the recovery of data impossible.

Milton Keynes

Computer Recycling for Milton Keynes

The implementation of the WEEE Regulations (Directive 2002/96/EC and 2007 (SI 3454)) in the UK during 2007 introduced the first in a series of Producer Responsibility regs that were designed to ensure the separate collection and recycling of certain wastes. This meant that businesses, educational establishments and government run bodies are required to utilise an Environment Agency approved recycling route for the disposal of Electrical and electronic waste. However, Computer equipment extends beyond the requirements of the Regulations in that sensitive & confidential information needs to be fully purged from equipment prior to any further recycling operations.


IT-Green® is licensed by the Environment Agency as a "Permitted" Waste Management facility (ATF) and is an established operator for the recycling of "category 3 WEEE", covering IT/ Computer & Telecoms related waste. Founded prior to the introduction of the Regulations, we offer an extensively experienced service that covers the secure collection, transport and full treatment of equipment from Milton Keynes. Our operations are geared towards the successful destruction of confidential media and full segregation of Hazardous materials from your waste equipment.

data security

Data Security for your IT

Designed to comply with the processes of BS EN 15713 (2009) and employing the UK's CPNI guidance on "Commercial Best Practice", we offer Businesses and schools in Milton Keynes a security conscious recycling solution for redundant Computer Hardware and all associated confidential data bearing media. With a Zero incident rate since inception and full reporting for each contract, our highly secure service offers extremely effective destruction methods that include:

  • Binary wiping of Hard Disk Drives to US (DOD), UK (CESG), Canadian OPs
  • Manual dismantling of hard drives and shredding of the storage platters
  • Granulating of Optical media including cds, DVDs and solid state media (USB memory sticks)
  • Shredding of magnetic tapes including DLT and DDS

Upon completion of each contract, we issue a full certificate of destruction to our clients, documenting the make, model and serial number of each Disk destroyed.

professional qualifications

A Professional, Ethical Recycling Service

The services offered by IT-Green are ethical and environmentally friendly, backed by regular internal audits of outputs from our facilities and well as internal processes. We ensure continued compliance with the Basel Convention, the Landfill Directive and hazardous waste regulations by processing your waste with:

  • No landfill
  • Zero waste production
  • Non export of electronic/ electrical computer waste
  • Re-use of viable equipment within the UK
  • Resource extraction from faulty/ obsolete equipment

licensed for Hazardous Computer Waste

Licensed, Qualified Service

Our cost efficient service meets with current UK legislation and provides an ethical recycling route. It has many return customers and known brand clients. Our service allows Milton Keynes based businesses to recycle their redundant computer hardware in the knowledge that they have employed a fully licensed solution incorporating:

  • Licensed transportation for the removal and disposal of IT related waste
  • Licensed (Section 23 permit) premises for the treatment and processing of waste Computer equipment
  • Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances

Our operations are overseen by highly qualified staff, who have, through the course of their employment with us, obtain extensive qualifications in the management of wastes. This, coupled with our waste management license, means that we are able to treat Hazardous Wastes and carry out mechanical destruction operations not permitted through an Exempt "Repair and Refurbishment or T11" Facility.

check in waste I. T. for disposal
Asset Tracking & Reporting

We recognise the importance of verifying the correct disposal of your redundant I. T.


From it's collection in Milton Keynes to final disposal at our treatment facility, we offer our clients a fully traceable retirement process:

  • Asset tracking reports, documenting equipment destroyed and disposal routes
  • General certificates detailing redundant IT recycled, including recovered materials
  • Reporting of hazardous wastes removed from your premises to the Environment Agency.
  • Issuing of Part E Certificates for all Hazardous Wastes recovered.
  • We regularly audit the efficiency of our treatment process, detailing outputs from the recycling plant