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  • Computer Disposal:

    Managing the Secure Disposal of Computer Equipment.

  • Destroying Data:

    Irrecoverably destroying media to make the recovery of data impossible.

hubs and switches for recycling

Network Equipment Recycling

IT-Green® accepts and recycles all networking hardware, from patch cables and fibre cables to routers, switches, hubs and firewalls.


No matter the age of the equipment, size or quantity, we can collect, tranport and recycle the hardware in-house with no waste. Where required, we are able to decomission equipment in-situ, stripping out racks and patch cables, leaving your server room free for a new install.

Specialist decommissioning of Data Bearing Equipment

hard drive destroyed

Firewalls, switches and network aceleration devices cache data frequently accessed, whether this be from an internal intranet or the internet. This residual data may contain confidential information and requires specialist treatment to prevent access by third parties.


As part of the recycling process, IT-Green® offers a data destruction service for network hardware, removing any residual data stored on non-volatile memory, solid state media and hard drives. Full certification is availble when requested at the time of booking our recycling service.

professional qualifications in recycling

A Professional Disposal Route

IT-Green® is a full licensed recycler, with:

  • Waste Carrier License
  • Waste Management License (Permitted Treatment facility: ATF)
  • Ability to issue evidence (WEEE Certificate- AATF).

Our Professional serivce is backed by industry recognised memberships:

  • Employees Qualified to Chartered Institute of Waste Management standards
  • Employees qualified to Microsoft Standards (MCSE)

An ethical Service:

loading the van

Our professional recycling service incorporates:

  • A pre-arranged booking service
  • Invoicing prior to collection
  • Minimal disruption to your workflow.

We recover valuable resources from all your obsolete IT hardware, no matter what it is:

  • Ferrous metals, Aluminium & Copper
  • Fractions of Platinum, Silver & Gold
  • Plastics (ABS, PP, PE, perspex)
  • Lead & Zinc
  • Small Batteries (NiCad, LiOn)
  • Glass, flourescent tubes

Tracking your redundant Assets through the Disposal Process:
reporting where your waste has gone

IT-Green® offers an asset tracking service as part of it's decomissioning process. With a view to helping clients comply with numerous QA systems, our service offers traceability for all computer hardware recycled:

  • Provision of Certification at the end of the recycling process, outlining quantities recycled and weights of materials recovered
  • Full tracking of assets, where requested by clients, including make, model and serial number of assets recycled.