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  • Serving Northamptonshire:

    An Established Service that has been serving the County for a Decade.

  • We Provide:

    We provide a service for Businesses, Schools and Charities in Northampton, Kettering, Corby and Wellingborough.

Northampton, Northants

Computer Recycling for Northamptonshire

We have been providing a service in Northamptonshire, looking after the needs of Schools and Businesses in the area for a decade.


We operate in accordance with current environmental legislation and this is reflected in the licensing issued to us by the Environment Agency.


We provide a complete in-house service including the eradication of media devices. Details of our data destruction processes are highlighted here.


Our Service Covers:

Corby | Northampton | Kettering | Wellingborough | Daventry | Higham Ferrers | Thrapston | Oundle | Towcester

weee Disposal and recovery of waste I. T.

A Professional Solution:

We believe it's important to provide our clients with the best service possible. That's why we've professional qualifications in what we do.


We also believe that it's important to ensure our clients adhere to environmental regulation and we always issue waste transfer notes and Hazardous waste consignment notes for all waste electronics that contain hazardous materials.

We provide our clients with :

  • A cost efficient service with quick booking and invoicing in advance
  • Uniformed, skilled collection staff
  • Security and Traceability

Forward Thinking:

Bin with a keyboard in it

From the inception of our business, we recognised that clients would need suitable evidence that equipment would not be simply "dumped at the side of the road".


This has, however, extended over the years to include guarantees with regard to media destruction, the export of Hazardous Wastes to developing Countries and internal processes designed to ensure further waste minimisation.


Whilst we're mindful of the waste hierarchy and try to put equipment back into use, we're aware of the need to protect and maintain a client's image. From the removal of Brand identification to the thorough destruction of hardware, nothing leaves our facility with any trace-able identification marks.

Reporting of Outputs, Tracking Your Waste I. T.

At the point of collection, we'll issue both a Controlled and (Where necessary) Hazardous Waste Consignment note.recycling is preferable to disposal Once we've completed your contract, we'll send you certification and further confirmation that we've recycled everything. These will include:

  • A Signed Part E Hazardous Waste Consignment Note (Where applicable)
  • A Letter confirming the Hazardous Wastes removed (and whether you need to register as a hazardous Waste Producer)
  • A General Certificate (Sometimes called a WEEE certificate), documenting the materials recovered from your equipment and the number of units put back into use.

Certificates of Destruction are issued as excel spreadsheets, as are Asset Disposal reports (where requested) and these are forwarded to you in email format at the end of the contract.