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  • Computer Disposal:

    Managing the Secure Disposal of Computer Equipment.

  • Destroying Data:

    Irrecoverably destroying media to make the recovery of data impossible.

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK

Computer Disposal in Nottingham

Our decade old Computer recycling service operates throughout Nottingham, covering Schools, Businesses and Charities. We provide a professional, competent service, maintain our own WEEE authorised treatment facility and will take away your WEEE (waste electronics) as well as your old IT equipment. For a low cost one off fee, our service provides:

  • A cost effective solution
  • The irrrecoverable destruction of any media (computer, video, sound)
  • Friendly, helpful support staff, offering a quick booking service.
  • CRB checked Collection Staff for added security
  • WAMITAB(1)/ CIWM qualified waste management personnel.
  • Uniformed Collection staff, who are suitably trained

We operate a data destruction service in accordance with the CPNI(2) "Commercial Best Practises" guidelines. Our processes are designed to adhere to BS EN 15713 (2009)(3) from the point of collection of your media to its transport and destruction.

professional and compliant

A Professional, Ethical Recycling Service

We provide an ethical service because:

  • We don't use Landfill.
  • We re-use working equipment, refurbishing it and re-distributing it inside the UK.
  • We don't export waste outside of the UK and won't deal with people who do.
  • We actively recover materials from all obsolete/ faulty equipment.

We operate to something called the waste hierarchy, which is key to the sucessful management of waste, diverting much of it back into the supply chain as a resource. In conjunction with this piece of regulation, we ensure our clients remain compliant with current environmental laws, porviding all the necessary paperwork to show that they have transferred their waste computers to a licensed, reputable company.


We're licensed to transport and recycle both Controlled and Hazardous wastes including CRT monitors, uninterruptible power supplies, batteries and TFT screens and have developed our recycling process around "Best Available Treatment,Recycling and Recovery techniques" (BATRRT), a technical guidance document produced by the Environment Agency and DEFRA.

tracking and reporting waste
Asset Tracking & Reporting

Our experience has taught us that no matter who our clients are, they require some form of sureity. It is our job to provide a guarantee that any media will be securely destroyed and that computer equipment and assoicated asset tags will not be passed onto third parties.


Our reporting procedures are designed to mitigate and protect the interests of our clients and we have developed an internal "chain of custody", with a workflow system that simplifies processes, seperates out media from computer systems and removes the risk of third parties gaining access to confidential information. We itemize every hard disk, tape and cd rom on a spreadsheet as we shred them and send this to our clients once we've completed the work.