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Computer Recycling for Oxford

oxford, oxfordshire

IT-Green provides a Computer recycling service in Oxford that offers compliance with current UK legislation and operates in accordance with relevant regulations. Our service is registered with and licensed by the Environment Agency. Backed by a highly skilled workforce, it includes:

  • MCSE qualified Personnel (Microsoft Technician)
  • Friendly, helpful support staff, offering a quick booking service.
  • CRB checked Collection Staff for added security
  • WAMITAB/ CIWM qualified waste management personnel

Secure Destruction of Confidential Computer Data

destroy confidential computer data

The service offers Oxford Businesses a security conscious recycling solution for redundant Computer Hardware. Designed to prevent any data leaks, we offer our clients:

  • Binary wiping of Hard Disk Drives to US (DOD), UK (CESG), Canadian OPs
  • Manual dismantling of hard drives and shredding of the storage platters
  • Granulating of Optical media including cds, DVDs and solid state media (USB memory sticks)
  • Shredding of magnetic tapes including DLT and DDS

Our service offers full certification at the end of the process, documenting media that we received, processed and destroyed.

professional service

Professional Disposal of Waste I. T.

IT-Green® offers a solution to the problem of recycling Computer hardware by providing a Professional service encompassing the following:

  • Non Landfill
  • Zero waste Production
  • Re-use of viable equipment
  • Resource extraction from faulty/ obsolete hardware
  • Non export of electronic waste

Recycling is a priority when considering the conservation of precious natural resources and the continued health of the local environment. We recognize this need and are continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of used, unwanted and end of life computer equipment.

A Full Waste Management service:

computers in bin for disposal

IT-Green provides a registered recycling route covering the disposal of any IT related equipment. The service allows for the handling of hazardous computer waste, including CRT monitors and TFT screens. Our service allows businesses to recycle their redundant computer hardware in the knowledge that they have employed a fully licensed solution incorporating:

  • Trained, professional removal staff.
  • licensed transportation for the removal and disposal of IT related waste
  • licensed premises for the treatment and processing of Computer equipment
  • Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances
  • Provision of documentation at point of transfer of waste.

Tracking your Waste, Reporting Final Disposal
barcode on computer

In order to enable compliance with relevant data protection and investor reporting requirements, IT-Green® offers an asset tracking service. From it's collection in Oxford to final disposal at our treatment facility, we offer our clients a fully traceable retirement process:

  • Asset tracking reports, documenting equipment destroyed and disposal routes
  • General certificates detailing redundant IT recycled, including recovered materials
  • Reporting of hazardous wastes removed from your premises to the Environment Agency

Employing the services of IT-Green enhances your business' Environmental credentials by demonstrating a commitment to the reduction of Business waste.