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  • Covering Oxfordshire:

    Collecting from Oxford, Reading, High Wycombe, Abingdon, Bicester, Chipping Norton, Henley-on-Thames, Thame and Banbury.

  • Complete Service:

    Providing a Collection, transport and treatment serivce for any equipment.

Computer Recycling for Oxfordshire

oxford, oxfordshire

IT-Green provides a Collection service throughout Oxfordshire that has been serving businesses and schools for a decade.


We provide our clients with:

  • A secure destruction service for All media storage devices. (Learn more here).
  • A licensed Waste Carrier Service
  • A fully licensed (WEEE) waste management facility
  • A service that accepts all equipment, no matter the age or condition
  • A service that will take away your waste electrical and electronic equipment as well

We operate in accordance with current environmental legislation and this is reflected in the licensing issued to us by the Environment Agency.

Our Service Covers:

Oxford | Reading | High Wycombe | Abingdon | Bicester | Chipping Norton | Henley-on-Thames | Thame | Banbury

Professional Service

professional service

We provide a professional service that does not engage in unethical practices.


We won't:

  • Dump your waste in Landfill
  • Produce residual waste from your old electronics
  • Export your waste in the guise of working equipment to developing countries (learn why here)

However, we do promise to:

  • RE-use any good working equipment in the UK, refurbishing it in-house
  • Recover all the metals, plastics and glass.

A Simple Service

We've tried to make our service as simple and efficient as possible. It includes a low cost one-off fee (free for larger volumes) and a single point of contact from collection to recycling at our facility.

Tracking your Waste, Reporting Final Disposal

We provide relevant paperwork, covering the transfer your unwanted equipment into our possession.


This includes:


How do you Destroy Media Devices? We use a number of destruction methods for Media storage devices that are detailed in the link.

How do we know you have destroyed every drive/ disk?Here's a link to a flow chart, showing how we recover and destroy all your media: (link). The whole process is completed within 24 hours of receipt at our recycling center.

We need copies of your licenses for our EMS Audit. Can we see them please? All our licenses are available to view online. Our licence numbers are also shown below.