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  • Computer Disposal:

    Managing the Secure Disposal of Computer Equipment.

  • Destroying Data:

    Irrecoverably destroying media to make the recovery of data impossible.

Our Privacy Policy

IT-Green is a consultancy offering it's trade as a Computer/ ICT recycling Specilalist. IT-Green is the registered (ITGreen) trade name and trademark of Computer Displays (UK) Ltd, a Company registered in the United Kingdom with Companies House. Computer Displays (UK) Ltd is a VAT registered company. VAT invoices will be issued with all works carried out.Computer Displays (UK) Ltd, the parent company is registered with the Environment Agency in England and Wales for the recycling of WEEE. Computer Displays (UK) Ltd does not engage in Contract work whereby it employs, contracts-out or sub contracts works, including but not limited to the collection, data wiping, destruction or recycling of obsolete hardware for or on behalf of any clients.To request our legislative and licensing details, please contact us. For security reasons, we retain the right to vet all correspondance received.




Information submitted through this website is treated in the strictest of confidence and is not used to offer marketing, unsolicited emails or spam. Information submitted to Computer Displays UK Limited is used to provide suitable quotations for relevant services only. Computer Displays UK Limited does not entertain the resale of identities or data of any form, whether this be soft or hard copy based. Your information relating to any contracts entered into will not be held on a database, except to the extent required for compliance with such Agencies as the Environment Agency and the Inland Revenue/ Customs & Excise. Computer Displays UK Limited reserves the right to contact suitable clients with a view to providing references, should they be required for future contracting/ tendering purposes.


Confidentiality of Waste:


Computer Displays (UK) Ltd will never share any client's confidential information with third parties. Identifiable markings, product details and any data/ information inadvertantly passed onto us by a client will at all times be treated with the a high level of security. Computer Displays (UK) Ltd will not divulge any information with regards to I.T. Equipment removed from a client's premises. Data is handled in the strictest of confidence. No data is ever accessed by any employees and is removed in-house using advanced destruction techniques. Warehousing units offer the highest of security with bespoke ram proof doors, tamper proof fire exits, security cameras and alarmed syatems. Data stirage devices are stored in a seperate location to computers. Recycling services are backed by a £1 million pound Indemnity policy and public liability policy.


Trading Address:


In Compliance with UK regulations Computer Displays UK Limited notifies all visitors to this website that it's head office is located at:


Unit 5, Lakeside Business Units
Block Fen


All correspondance, complaints or notifications should be directed to this address.


Legal issues:


The passing off, duplication, use of or advertising under the guise of the registered tradename, trademark or dupllication of any information or opinions expressed within the body of this website, official documentation issued by the parent company, it's trading subsidiaries or employees is expressly prohibited. We reserve the right to revoke, rebuke and take suitable action against persons, companies or entities seen to be acting unlawfully or in breach of UK laws, whether that be in the interest of this company and it's associated Intellectual Properties, the wider community, clients (whether existing or potential) or the environment.