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  • Server Disposal:

    Decomissioning & recycling of infrastructure. Recycling rackmount and floor standing servers, no matter the age or condition.

  • Securely removing user Information:

    Making sure all the information on Hard Disks is permanently destroyed. Protecting the interests of Clients and their customers.

old server for recycling

Server Recycling & Decommissioning

With the ability to store vast quantities of information on a single hard drive, servers offer the potential to retain entire records for a corporation let alone it's associated client base.


Stringent control methods should be employed when retiring servers so that this information is completely and irrecoverably removed.


We have the capacity to provide a full end-to-end service covering the decomissioning and disposal of large quantities of servers and their assoicated devices. Our facility is able to destroy the information contained in hundreds of hard disks simultaneously.

Removal of Information on Media:

server SAS drive

We provide a thorough, certificated data destruction process, documenting each storage device and the associated method of data demoval.


We provide a fully itemised certificate of destruction at the end of the process. This documents the make, model and serial number of every disk and drive.


For more information about Media destruction and why Data Destruction is so important, please follow the link in the highlighted text.

Professional Asset retirement

hard disk shredded

We provide a quick and painless process that involves little more than a telephone call and follow up email. We may charge for the collection of your old hardware but do not charge for the recycling process itself. Our service offers:

  • Professional: Professionally qualified personnel
  • Compliance: A fully licensed Waste Management Facility
  • Completence: An Established service provider with over a Decade in operation
  • Regulation: Full compliance with the WEEE Directive and other Waste Management Regulation
  • Reliability: Booking in advance, turning up on the agreed date.


A Licensed Service

Our fully licensed service offers the following:

  • Upper Tier Waste Carrier
  • Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)
  • Hazardous Waste Producers Licence
  • Issuing of Controlled waste transfer notes and hazardous waste consignment notes at the point of collection.

Fore more information regarding our licenses, please follow the link in the highlighted text.



recycling qualifications

Asset Tracking & Reporting

We believe that Security and accountability is of paramount importance to the retention of clients. IT-Green® offers an asset tracking service, covering the disposal of your old servers, from the moment they're loaded onto our vans. The service is backed by full certification at the end of the disposal process.