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  • Sheffield Computer Recycling:

    Serving Sheffield and South Yorkshire. We operate a secure recycling service for waste computer hardware.

  • The County:

    Our Service collects waste computer hardware from Businesses and Schools in Doncaster, Worksop, Huddersfield, Chesterfield, Rotherham and Barnsley.

  • Full Media Destruction:

    We provide full destruction for all media. Our service includes wiping of hard disks, shredding of Hard Disks and granulating of tapes and optical media.

Computer Disposal for Sheffield. Secure Recycling Service

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

We have been providing a Computer Recycling service in Sheffield since 2005, collecting and recycling obsolete, unwanted and faulty equipment on behalf of Businesses and Schools. We carry out the entire process in-house, from the collection to the recycling and recovery of base materials. We provide a full destruction service with itemised certification for all Media and issue both Controlled(1) and Hazardous Waste transfer(3) notes to clients.

We offer:

  • Upper Tier Waste Carrier Licence
  • Authorised Treatment Facility (WEEE) Waste Management
  • A Quick Booking Process
  • A Low Cost Service
  • We Turn up on the agreed Date

Media Destruction & Certification

secure computer data

Media Destruction:


Our Processes have been designed to BS EN 15713 (2009)(4), providing businesses in Sheffield with a Secure Destruction process that includes shredding, granulating and shearing.


We also offer a Binary Wiping service that operates in accordance with the UK's CPNI guideline and US's NIST SP800-88. If a drive fails this process, it's automatically shredded, mitigating any risks.


Our reporting Service:

  • Asset tracking reports, documenting equipment destroyed and disposal routes
  • General certificates detailing redundant IT recycled, including recovered materials
  • Reporting of hazardous wastes removed from your premises to the Environment Agency

Professional Qualifications, Ethical Solutions

We retain the expertise of highly experienced personnel possessing extensive qualifications in Waste Management. We employ courteous and professional staff who understand compliance issues and the need to certify the transfer of wastes. With an emphasis upon UK legislation(2), we guarantee that:

  • We will never dispose of your used hardware in Landfill
  • No equipment will ever be exported by us.
  • Working equipment recycled through us is put back into good use.
  • Resource (materials) extraction and segregation from non-working/ obsolete hardware in accordance with BATRRT(5).

Our service extends beyond the requirements of the WEEE Directive to encompass the Basel Convention and the need to restrict the international movement of Hazardous Wastes.


South Yorkshire

We Provide a Computer Recycling Service for Businesses in South Yorkshire:


Doncaster: We provide a Computer recycling service for Businesses, Schools and Charities in Doncaster.... See more.

Doncaster, South Yorkshire

IT-Green offers a professional recycling route for Doncaster businesses that treats redundant Computer hardware in line with current UK legislation. The service has attracted return customers and is retained by known brand clients throughout the UK. Our service is backed by skilled personnel including:

  • Microsoft Certified Engineers (MCSE)
  • Waste Management (WAMITAB) Personnel (NVQ Levels 2 & 4)
  • CRB checked collection operatives

Our solutions include the management of data security and disk overwrite services including:

  • Binary wiping of hard drives to various standards (UK CESG, US DOD, Canadian OPs)
  • Manual dis-assembly and shearing of hard drives and platters
  • Granulating of optical media and solid state media to 5mm
  • Shredding of Magnetic tape based media

As part of the destruction process, we offer a full breakdown of any media destroyed and the methods used in the destruction process.

Worksop: We collect obsolete I. T. Hardware from businesses in Worksop for recycling.... See more.

Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Our service provides professional and courteous employees to facilitate the removal of redundant IT related equipment from your premises in Worksop. In-house treatment of equipment is carried out to high standards ensuring:

  • Resource recovery from waste I.T
  • No Landfill
  • Zero waste from our facility
  • Non Export of WEEE (Electronic waste)
  • A process of re-use for viable hardware within the UK

With skills in the fields of waste management and computing, IT-Green has combined two obligatory professions, offering it's clients extensive solutions. The service offers businesses in Worksop a professional, security conscious IT recycling solution that incorporates:

  • The Binary wiping of Hard Drives
  • Manually dismantling hard drives and shredding the platters
  • Granulating of Optical media including cds, DVDs and solid state media (USB memory sticks)
  • The shredding of tapes including DDS and DLT

The service provides full certificates of destruction at the end of the eradication process, detailing all media received and the methods employed in it's destruction.

Huddersfield: Our service covers the collection and recycling of waste computer hardware in Huddersfield.... See more.

Huddersfield, west Yorkshire

Our service will remove computer hardware no matter the age or condition and also takes away WEEE for recycling. Our low cost service is designed to ensure you comply with environmental regulation and further ensures that your waste does not get dumped in a developing country for recycling.

We carry out the recycling of all equipment in-house, recovering base materials and destroying all media. We issue relevant paperwork including:

  • Duty of Care (Controlled Waste) Transfer Notes.
  • Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes
  • Consignee Returns
  • Itemised Destruction Certificates for all Media

Chesterfield: Our service covers the collection and recycling of waste computer hardware in Chesterfield.... See more.


The disposal of hazardous computer equipment in the general waste stream was restricted through regulations introduced in 2005. The WEEE directive additionally limited disposal routes in 2007 to a point where businesses are required to employ specialist, professional, licensed solution providers in the disposal of Electronic waste such as Computer Hardware.


IT-Green® provides a full service covering the collection (Waste Carrier) and in-house recycling (ATF) of all obsolete, faulty and surplus computer equipment.


IT-Green® offers industry leading Data Destruction solutions for businesses, Local Government and Educational establishments in Chesterfield. This service includes:

  • UK CESG data wiping solutions & more stringent US DOD 7 pass wipes
  • Manual dis-assembly and granulation of media
  • Certification of Data Destruction

Our service collects IT waste and associated data storage devices from your premises in Chesterfield, transports them to our facility and securely destroys all data.

Rotherham: Our service covers the collection and recycling of waste computer hardware in Rotherham.... See more.

Rotherham, South Yorkshire

IT-Green is a professional, redundant asset recycler, offering the disposal of waste computer equipment in Rotherham. Our solution meets the WEEE directive and incorporates employees with backgrounds in both IT and waste management:

  • MCSE qualified Personnel (Microsoft Technician)
  • Friendly, helpful support staff, offering a quick booking service.
  • CRB checked Collection Staff for added security
  • WAMITAB/ CIWM qualified waste management personnel

IT-Green® covers the disposal of any IT related equipment. Our service takes hazardous computer waste, including CRT monitors, TFT screens, laptops, universal power supplies and scanners. Backed by a rigorous waste management system and data destruction process, we offer our Rotherham clients:

  • Non Landfill of hardware
  • Re-use of newer, working equipment inside the UK
  • Non Export of Hazardous Computer Waste
  • Professional treatment of waste .
  • Recovery of raw materials from faulty/ Obsolete hardware.

As a licensed solution provider, IT-Green offers conformance with the WEEE directive and through the use of strict control measures, security for Rotherham businesses.

Barnsley: Our service covers the collection and recycling of waste computer hardware in Barnsley.... See more.

Barnsley, Yorkshire UK

Statute governing the disposal of Waste electronic equipment is incorporated in the WEEE directive. However, the following also apply:

  • Landfill legislation (HMRC Notice LFT1 2004, 2002 Landfill Directive, WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria))
  • The Hazardous Waste Regulations (Statutory instrument 2005 No. 894)

As a result, businesses are now required to employ specialist, professional, licensed recyclers in the disposal of Electronic waste such as Computer Hardware.


IT-Green® offers a professional, licensed service in the Barnsley area that collects, recycles and issues all relevant paperwork for Computer, IT and electronic related wastes.

Our service offers business in Barnsley a professional, security conscious IT recycling solution that incorporates:

  • A licensed Waste Carrier Service
  • Authorised Treatment plant (Waste Electronic/ business waste)
  • Requisite professional insurances.
  • Requisite license from the ICO
  • A full reporting system, with quarterly returns to the Environment Agency