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  • Covering Yorkshire:

    Serving Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Leeds, Bradford, Hull, Ripon, Wakefield, York.

  • The County:

    Our Service collects from Businesses and Schools.

  • Media Destruction:

    We provide full destruction for all media. Our service includes itemised certification.

A service covering Yorkshire

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

IT-Green provides a Computer Recycling service in Sheffield, collecting and recycling obsolete, unwanted and faulty equipment on behalf of Businesses and Schools. We carry out the entire process in-house, collecting and recycling hardware and recovering base materials for re-use. Our service includes a full destruction service with itemised certification for all Media and we issue both Controlled(1) and Hazardous Waste transfer(3) notes to clients.

We own:

  • An Upper Tier Waste Carrier Licence
  • An Authorised Treatment Facility (WEEE) Waste Management

We Provide:

  • A Quick Booking Process
  • A Low Cost Service
  • We Turn up on the agreed Date

Our Service Covers:

Sheffield | Doncaster | Rotherham | Leeds | Bradford | Hull | Ripon | Wakefield | York

Media Destruction & Certification

secure computer data

Media Destruction:


Our Processes have been designed to BS EN 15713 (2009)(4), providing businesses with a Secure Destruction process that offers the options of shredding, granulating and shearing.


We also offer a Binary Wiping service that operates in accordance with the UK's CPNI guideline and US's NIST SP800-88. If a drive fails this process, it's automatically shredded, mitigating any risks.


Our reporting Service:

  • Asset tracking reports, documenting equipment destroyed and disposal routes
  • General certificates detailing redundant IT recycled, including recovered materials
  • Reporting of hazardous wastes removed from your premises, including consignee returns to the Environment Agency.

Professional Qualifications, Ethical Solutions

We retain the expertise of highly experienced personnel possessing extensive qualifications in Waste Management. We employ courteous and professional staff who understand compliance issues and the need to certify the transfer of wastes. With an emphasis upon UK legislation(2), we guarantee that:

  • We will never dispose of your used hardware in Landfill
  • No equipment will ever be exported by us.
  • Working equipment recycled through us is put back into good use.
  • Resource (materials) extraction and segregation from non-working/ obsolete hardware in accordance with BATRRT(5).

Our service extends beyond the requirements of the WEEE Directive to encompass the Basel Convention and the need to restrict the international movement of Hazardous Wastes.