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  • Computer Disposal:

    Managing the Secure Disposal of Computer Equipment.

  • Destroying Data:

    Irrecoverably destroying media to make the recovery of data impossible.

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Computer Disposal for Thetford

The disposal of waste in the UK requires the production of a Controlled waste transfer note. A Hazardous Waste Consignment note is also required for any waste deemed hazardous as a result of applying Annex I, II and III of the 2005 directive. Computer waste is no exception to this rule, even though it falls under separate Producer regulations (Waste Electrical and Electronic Regulations). However, it is important to note that the original EU Directive (WEEE Directive), transposed into UK law as a regulation, calls for separate collection as a pre-requisite to successful recovery of materials from the waste stream.


Our operations are backed by personnel who fully understand and retain suitable qualifications in the field of wastes, specializing wholly in the recycling of obsolete computer & telecoms hardware. We provide a service to Businesses, Schools and Local Government in Thetford, from our offices and treatment facility, all based on the border of Cambs and Norfolk. Our facility is licensed as a waste management facility for the sole purpose of recycling category 3 WEEE (Computers and Telecoms) and holds a "section 23" Permit, allowing for the disassembly, fragmentizing, shredding, shearing and baling of recovered components. We provide a collection & transportation service for your wastes and issue all paperwork at the time of collection.

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Data Security for your IT

We provide a security conscious recycling solution for redundant Computer Hardware. Incorporating the latest British Standards, we maintain a strict control process that ensures destruction of data within 24 hours of collection from a clients premises. The provision of a full waste management license allows us to incorporate both Disk Overwrite and Physical (mechanical) destruction services:

  • Binary wiping of Hard Disk Drives to US (NIST) & UK (CESG).
  • Manual recovery of hard drives and shredding of the data storage parts.
  • Shredding of Tapes (Magnetic media)
  • Granulating Optical media (CDs & DVDs) and solid state media (USB memory sticks etc) to 5mm

Our stringent control processes incorporate a full certification process that "asset tracks" your storage media. We segregate any media from the your equipment upon arrival at our facility and "bar code" scan the serial numbers into spreadsheets. Upon completion of the data wiping process-and ultimately the contract-, we issue these certificates to you as evidence of destruction.


A Professional, Ethical Recycling Service

IT-Green's service ensures compliance with all UK legislation, whilst at the same time maximizing environmental return on recycled computer equipment. Our service employs an Environmental awareness with such Key Attributes as:

  • We will never dispose of your used hardware in Landfill
  • No equipment will ever be exported by us.
  • Working equipment recycled through us is put back into good use in the UK.
  • Resource extraction from non-working/ obsolete hardware.

As a licensed solution provider, IT-Green offers conformance with the WEEE directive and through the use of strict control measures, security for Thetford businesses.

environment agency license

Licensed, Qualified Service

IT-Green offers the safe, ethical and fully traceable disposal of IT related assets for Thetford based businesses. As part of the service, we offer professional solutions that include:

  • WAMITAB Operator Competent & NVQ Qualified Staff .
  • An Upper Tier licensed Waste Carrier Service
  • Authorised Treatment plant (Waste Electronic/ business waste)
  • Requisite professional insurances.
  • Public liability and Professional indemnity insurances

We recognize that businesses and schools have other electrical & electronic wastes and our service is licensed to recycle these as well. We re-deploy raw materials, extracted from your obsolete IT through UK remanufacturing plants and have developed a system that allows for best recovery practices in accordance with BATRRT (DEFRA Requirements). It should be noted that we're conscious of the need to include the waste hierarchy in our operations and refurbish some of the equipment for re-use inside the UK.

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Asset Tracking & Reporting

IT-Green is a security conscious solution provider and our asset tracking/ reporting services are designed to help businesses meet with quality assurance systems. We'll issue Part E certificates for all the Hazardous wastes we consign off you and also provide:

  • Asset tracking reports, documenting equipment destroyed and disposal routes .
  • General certificates detailing redundant IT recycled, including recovered materials (sometimes referred to as a WEEE certificate).
  • Reporting of hazardous wastes removed from your premises to the Environment Agency
  • Exchange of Controlled and Hazardous Waste Transfer Notices at the point of collecting your Wastes

We believe that employing our services will enhance your business' Environmental credentials by demonstrating a commitment to the reduction of Business waste.