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    Providing a collection and recycling service for Clients.

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    Managing Hazardous Wastes for Clients since 2005.

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    Providing Consultancy, mitigating risk to the Envionment, Improving CSR.

Latest News Regarding Waste and Recycling UK

Obama’s e-Waste policy to target export

Barrack Obama to tackle e-waste and hazardous materials October 2009: Barack Obama has made the environment a priority in his administration. And the electronics industry will likely feel the impact as the new president of the United States changes federal … Continue reading

India’s e-Waste Mountain

India’s e-Waste Mountain By: Richard Tj, 21 October 2009 A study by the Indian government has found that the amount of electronic waste in the country is growing 10 per cent every year, and 95 per cent- or 434 thousand … Continue reading

Waste Electronic in London linked to Organised Crime

Illegal Recycling and The Criminal Export of WEEE As with other sectors of the waste and recycling industry, the WEEE (waste electronics) sector, involves some level of organised crime. This relates in part to the export of waste, shipping it … Continue reading

Global e-Waste/ WEEE News

Ethical Computer Disposal

The Ethics of Computer Recycling Introduction:   Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the developed world with 50 million tonnes being generated globally in 2013 alone. In the EU, some 8 million tonnes of WEEE … Continue reading

Exporting Old Electronics- An illegal trade

The illegal trade in Electronic Waste    The intercontinental trade in end-of-life Waste electrical and electronic equipment continues unabated in the UK and Europe, with much of the waste ending up in developing countries that lack the infrastructure to recycle … Continue reading

The refurbishment of WEEE- is it waste or a product?

When are used electronics ‘WEEE’ and when are they a ‘Product’? WEEE is an acronym that stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic equipment. The waste stream itself is governed by a “Producer Responsibility Directive”. By it’s very definition, WEEE falls … Continue reading

Confidential Data Destruction- News and Opinion

Removing all the Data

Permanent destruction of Data on Hard Disks and Solid State Disks By Richard Tj Background: How is electronic Information Stored?   Electronic data is stored as a series of 0s and 1s, known as “binary code”. Each digit is known … Continue reading

Smartphone users at risk of ID Fraud, particularly when recycling Mobile Phones

Smartphone users are at risk of ID Fraud Credit reference agency Equifax released research into the potential impact of Identity Fraud among Smart Phone users in 2011. Since then, the number of crimes reported has grown in proportion to the … Continue reading

How to Destroy a Hard Disk Drive

How to Destroy a Hard Disk Drive    By Richard Tj    When you dispose of a hard disk, or any computer containing a hard disk then you should consider what data may be still on the disk, and whether … Continue reading