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Wembley (London)- high tech recycling

Envac, recycling Wembley's Waste underground

A Technological Advancement


Families in a new housing development in Wembley, London have been trying out a new waste disposal system that sees their rubbish being transported through a series of underground tunnels at up to 50mph. For the first time in the UK, rubbish is being transported through a system of underground vacuum pipes beneath Quintain’s City development in Wembley.


How it Works:


Three special bins have been built into the courtyards of several hundred Wembley City of London properties, for non-recyclable waste, dry recyclables and organic waste. Giant underground fans create a vacuum effect sending the rubbish up to 1km along the tunnels to be collected at a central point, and removed by the council. In effect, the system transports the waste to a centralised depot where it can be collected for landfill or recycling.


An Existing Technology:


The Envac system, which is already in operation in 30 other countries, has been installed to stimulate high levels of recycling and keep the district clean by frequently removing rubbish whilst at the same time reducing refuse lorry miles. As a result, rubbish collection from Wembley City (London) will generate around 400 fewer tonnes of CO2 a year than it would by conventional refuse collection. The transport system offers both developers and local authorities the opportunity to improve and enhance residential areas, reduce CO2 emissions and increase efficiency by collecting waste more often at a significantly reduced cost.


how envac works

Envac works through a negative pressure vacuum system, with valves located on the base of each bin. These valves are periodically opened, creating a vacuum that sucks the waste from the bin into the pipes, where it is drawn along to a central collection facility.


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