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  • WEEE Disposal:

    Providing a collection and recycling service for Clients.

  • Protecting the Environment:

    Managing Hazardous Wastes for Clients since 2005.

  • Assisting Business:

    Providing Consultancy, mitigating risk to the Envionment, Improving CSR.

Handset Recycling

IT-Green® recognises that many clients may have mobile phones that require recycling securely, with the risk of Data Leaks removed. Our Service offers a highly efficient solution for the collection, transportation and destruction of Mobile Handsets, down to 5 mm chips.

Security Solutions

Destruction of data on modern handsets extends beyond the simple removal of the SIM card. Modern Smartphones incorporate Solid state non volatile memory chips that may still contain confidential information.

IT-Green® offers a highly secure destruction process for these mobile phones. The Destruction incorporates recovery of the batteries, plastics, screens and keyboards. The on-board circuit boards are then seperated and destroyed via granulation to 5mm chips, invariably destroying the memory chips and any assoicated data. These are then recovered for refining and metals recovery inside the UK.

A Professional Recycling Service

IT-Green® offers a service that is backed by highly skilled employees, trained in waste management, logistics, Data Protection and IT. Qualifications including:

  • Senior Management Level with WAMITAB NVQ Level 4 Waste Management, Project Management, Degree Level Qualifications
  • Employees with WAMITAB NVQ Level 2 in Waste Management, MCSE certification in IT, CRB checks

IT-Green offers a recycling process that is designed to accept and treat waste electrical and electronic equipment through segregation, disassembly, shredding, baling and ultimately refining and recovery.

Licensed, Qualified Service

Our service offers a solution for WEEE that is licensed for the:

  • Transfer of wastes (both hazardous and non-hazardous)
  • Transportation of all WEEE

  • In house treatment of Waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • Recovery of materials from WEEE through mechanical processes

Processes are licensed extensively and include:

  • Waste Carriers License
  • Waste Management License (Environmental Permit- Section 23, WEEE)
  • Hazardous Waste Producers Licence
  • Data Controller License

Redundant Asset Tracking

Our data destruction service incorporates itemised Asset disposal reports, documenting the make, model and serial number of each handset destroyed, right down to the IMEI number (where required), make, model and any other assoicated identification marks.