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  • Recycling Waste Computers:

    Collecting, recycling and re-using computers since 2005.

  • WEEE Disposal:

    Providing a collection and recycling service for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

  • Destroying Media, Removing Data:

    Destroying Obsolete Computer Media for Clients since 2005

  • Protecting the Environment:

    Managing Hazardous Wastes for Clients since 2005.

  • Assisting Business:

    Providing Consultancy, mitigating risk to the Envionment, Improving CSR.

Onsite Data Destruction

IT-Green® recognises that data security is in many instances the primary concern of IT departments when retiring IT assets. IT-Green® therefore offers a physical on-site data destruction service for Hard Disk Drives.

Employing a combination of manual segregation of Circuit board and Drive and Crushing+Shearing of the HDD chassis, our process renders the hard disk drive completely useless, meaning that data can never be recovered. Raw Materials are then recovered from the waste by-product at our own treatment facility, resulting in complete security.

Secure reprocessing

Our service offers a secure recycling process for Hard Disk Drives at your site, prior to final recovery at our facility. Our secure facility further segregates the by-products of the destruction process, ensuring further security through the use of seperate refineries for Circuit boards, platters, chassis and read/ write heads.

A Professional Recycling Service

IT-Green® offers a service that is backed by highly skilled employees, trained in waste management, logistics, Data Protection and IT. Qualifications including:

  • Senior Management Level with WAMITAB NVQ Level 4 Waste Management, Project Management, Degree Level Qualifications
  • Employees with WAMITAB NVQ Level 2 in Waste Management, MCSE certification in IT, CRB checks

>p>IT-Green offers a recycling process that is designed to accept and treat waste electrical and electronic equipment through segregation, disassembly, shredding, baling and ultimately refining and recovery.

Licensed, Qualified Service

Our service offers a solution for WEEE that is licensed for the:

  • Transfer of wastes (both hazardous and non-hazardous)
  • Transportation of all WEEE
  • In house treatment of Waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • Recovery of materials from WEEE through mechanical processes

Processes are licensed extensively and include:

  • Waste Carreirs License
  • Waste Management License (Environmental Permit- Section 23, WEEE)
  • Hazardous Waste Producers Licence
  • Data Controller License

Redundant Asset Tracking

Our on-site data destruction service incorporates itemised Asset disposal reports, documenting the make, model and serial number of each drive destroyed. This service can be extended to cross-reference the hardware that previously housed the Hard Disk drives.