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WEEE directive revised in 2012

The European Parliament has passed new legislation on recycling electrical and electronic goods (Jan 2012).


New rules on the disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment have been introduced by the European Parliament, which effectively aim at preventing the export of the waste under the guise of re-useable equipment. The reasoning behind this is that member states inadvertantly allow significant volumes of Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Gold to leave the Union, resulting in significant financial losses. New legilsation is aimed at tightening the export, ensuring that recovery, rather than re-use is employed and ultimately, to ensure the correct and proper recovery of the waste in safe, controlled working environments. It is hoped that the revised legisation will prevent the unnecessary export of the toxic materials associated with this waste, preventing pollution in Countries unable to deal with the by-products associated with WEEE.


Under the legislation, from 2016, European Union member states will have to collect 45 per cent of e-waste from electrical and electronic goods put on sale. This will rise to 65 per cent by 2019(Ref), with officials noting around only one-third is currently treated appropriately.


Rapporteur Karl-Heinz Florenz of Germany, a member of the European People’s Party, commented: “Europe will now recover more raw materials, which is excellent news both for the economy and for the environment.” He added that negotiations were “difficult”, but he is “very satisfied” by the agreed collection rates.

A recent study compiled by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) revealed the amount of e-waste effectively being recycled in the UK is on the rise.

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