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Can I have a “WEEE Disposal Certificate” Please?




We’re pretty confident that we know our way around current waste management regulations, acts and even some of the Broader EU Directives that form the larger framework however…..


WEEE Certificate We’re at a bit of a loss in trying to figure out why we’re asked once in a while by a potential client “Can you provide a WEEE Disposal Certificate?”. So, in our need to fill every request, we decided to dig through the regulations, Acts of Parliament, EU Directives, even call our contacts at the Environment Agency. All this searching and asking was pretty fruitless. We even approached the CIWM (Chartered intsitute of Waste Management) in the vein hope they might be able to clarify what this “illusive” certificate was. Even the Environment Agency had to look into this- and all they could find that came close was “evidence”, which comprises a document detailing weights and measures for “Obligated WEEE” that is passed between an AATF and the settlement centre- outside of this chain, this document has no legal standing.


Ultimately, this suspicious paperwork is pretty much a myth. Anyone who asks for a WEEE Disposal Certificate has, unfortunately, been rather mis-informed. This raises the question: “Has someone in this industry placed so much emphasis on this ellusive document that people are led to believe it’s vitally important to ensuring a correct/ legal disposal route?


Ancillary services such as additional “unregulated” reports- that we all like to issue- aside, the movement and management of all waste requires two documents issuing to the previous holder of the waste- that’s all! Everything else is surplus to requirement, muddies the water and provides no legal standing when it comes to “Duty of Care“. Which reminds me, shouldn’t we be educating unwitting clients about the correct form of paperwork- i.e. the Controlled waste and Hazardous Waste Consignment Note, as well as the Part E Haz Waste return? After all, a certificate may look nice- and even we provide a materials output report (is this a WEEE Disposal Certificate???)- a sheet of paper with some company logo on it may look nice, but it doesn’t provide any recourse whatsoever where Enforcement is concerned!

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