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Approved, Authorised Treatment Facility



IT-Green, a UK based computer and electronics recycling company has been granted AATF licensing for it's WEEE recycling operation, further enhancing it's already fully licensed dis-assembly services. WEEE recycling logo- do not binOperating through it's parent company, Computer Displays UK Limited, the license will commence from January 2010 and is to be renewed annually through the Environment Agency.


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The Approved Authorised Treatment Facility status will allow for expanded computer and electronics recycling services including the treatment of WEEE on behalf of:

  • DCF's (designated collection facilities) as operated by or on behalf of Local Authorities- also known as HWRC (Household Waste and Recycling Centres).
  • PCS (Producer Compliance schemes).
  • End users/ businesses that need to recycle obsolete computers and electronics, when swapping out on a like for like basis.

The license will allow IT-Green to issue evidence against waste computers and electronics that it has recycled. The service will also be allowed to issue WEEE certificates against waste computers and electronics received under it's WEEE AATF license.


In order to qualify for this service, businesses will have to be members of an open Producer Compliance Scheme, operating within the UK. IT-Green will continue to offer it's full licensed transportation and recycling service for business WEEE through it's existing Authorised Treatment Facility.




---Notes for Editors---


IT-Green was founded in October 2006 by Michelle Tanfield and Richard Johnson.


IT-Green offers recycling of any Computer Hardware, with a policy of zero landfill, material recycling and re-use of Computers inside the UK only. IT-Green's policy does not support the export of Electronic waste.




Richard Tanfield-Johnson . Tel: 0870 300905, email:, Unit 5, Lakeside Business Units, Block Fen, Mepal. CB6 2AY


IT-Green is the registered trade name of Computer Displays UK Limited (5587345)


Tel: 0870 300905


Unit 5, Lakeside Business Units, Block Fen, Mepal, Cambridge. CB6 2AY