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  • Computer Disposal:

    Managing the Secure Disposal of Computer Equipment.

  • Destroying Data:

    Irrecoverably destroying media to make the recovery of data impossible.

Where has my old IT Equipment ended up?

Receipt at Recycling Centre


When we receive your waste equipment at our recycling centre, it is assessed for it's age and possible re-use.

Assess for Re-Use


Approximately 20 percent of the old electronics we receive have some further life left in them and can be re-used inside the UK.


This equipment is reconditioned in-house and then put back into use in community projects and throughout the UK via a network of re-use projects. A small percentage is sold on for use in households, start-up businesses and some larger organisations.

Recycling of Waste Equipment


We strip the remaining 80 percent down into it's constituent materials. The by-products of this process are known as Outputs.

Our Outputs are as follows:

PCs, Servers, Arrays, Hubs & switches are stripped down.
Printers and scanners are stripped down. Flourescent Tubes are recovered
Monitors & Laptops are stripped into constituent componments.

Scrap ferrous metals are separated from equipment and distributed through Audited scrap yards who shred the material further for bulk transport.


Aluminium is separated into Cast and Alloyed and sent to Authorised Treatment Facilities, smelted inside the UK for re-use in the manufacturing industry.

Plastic based items:

Plastics are segregated and Bundled up for treatment by licensed UK companies. We seperate hard plastics into Poly Propylene, Poly-Ethylene, ABS and PET.


Toner cartridges and ink cartridges are removed and sent to Authorised specialists who refill them, and donate to relevant charities inside the UK as part of the process.

Wiring & Cables:

Cables and wires are chopped up and bundled for refining by Specialist Facilities. There's more information on our cabling and wire recycling program here.


Magnetic media, storage devices and optical media are destroyed, leaving them un-usable. This process is documented seperately for clarity. Please refer to our Destruction Process for more information.

Printed Circuit Boards:

Printed Circuit boards are removed and bundled up for refining. Processors, computer memory and add-on cards are each seperately collected. Control boards from TFT and CRT monitors are gathered up, as are boards from Mobile Phones and Hard Disks.

Hazardous Wastes:

Fluorescent tubes are passed onto specialist authorised treatment facilities.

Lead acid batteries are separated from Un-interruptible Power supplies and sent for reprocessing by licensed hazardous waste re-processors. Laptop batteries and other re-chargeable batteries contain heavy metals and present a serious hazard. These are sent for re-processing in a specialist environment. CRT and TFT screens are documented here as they are more complex.